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  • Uses H.264 encoding in HD to capture your game play in stunning HD
  • Uses HDMI to connect to your TV set from Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PS4. Component Video cable to connect to PS3. Setup is a snap
  • Comes with a 6 ft long HDMI cable to connect to your Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4, and a Component Video cable to connect to your PS3.
  • With no delay passthrough, so you can play your games while recording
  • With one click you can share your game play with your friends and fans on YouTube
  • The HD PVR's can be used worldwide with the only difference being the various prongs on the power supply, so an plug adapter is all that is needed.
  • NOTE: (Blu-ray burner software not included) Kindly refer the Instructions inside the package for downloading the Software which is highly recommended.

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Hauppauge's HD PVR-2 Gaming Edition is a high definition video recorder for Gaming Consoles using HDMI or component technology. Record in HD and upload your best game play to YouTube. Now includes HDMI in and out, plus no-delay pass through! Records video in a high definition H.264 Blu-ray compatible format to your PC from the Xbox360 using HDMI or from the PS3 using Component Video. Simply leave your game console at 1080p60 and the HD PVR-2 records either HDMI or Component video at up to 1080p30 in real time using a built-in hardware H.264 encoder. The HD-PVR 2 includes: 3 foot HDMI for your Xbox360, 6 foot HDMI cable for your TV, 6 foot PS3 cable and Component video adapter, 6 foot USB cable, quick install guide, power supply and installation CD-ROM.

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